What is “Baudobriga“?

Boppard was one of the most important Roman settlements on the Middle Rhine. As a result of Julius Caesar’s conquests, this region was also under Roman rule. Boppard originated as a Celtic settlement with the antique name “BAUDOBRIGA”. In the 4th century, the Romans built an enormous fort. They called it “Bodobrica”, which later became Boppard, the present-day name. Evidence of these historic eras can be found all over town, shaping the current urban landscape.

Zeitungsanzeige im April 1915

While wine-growing has a long tradition in our family, hospitality is relatively new for us. It was not until 1897 when Joseph Ries brought together wine-growing and gastronomy. The domestic living room was turned into a restaurant, the “Weinhaus Ries” was established. Business went quite well but space was limited. As a result, the family took over the bordering property facing the Rhine. On that property, more spacious wine taverns and the first guestrooms were set up. On September 13, 1917, the Rhenish Newspaper reported about the late-romantic composer Engelbert Humperdink:

„Prof. Humperdink paid a visit to his former domicile and resided in the “Weinhaus Ries.”

The third generation of the family, Johann Werner and Annemarie Ries expanded the hotel to the current size by rebuilding it and afterwards renaming it “Hotel Baudobriga”. Today, their youngest daughter Elisabeth and her husband Reinhard run the Baudobriga Rheinhotel as well as the Weingut Koenigshof.

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